Planet Umbra

This beautiful, massive planet is home to the Umbraians. They are commonly known as knowledge seekers and have greatly improved the universe's knowledge of the mysterious hubble.

The Periculums originated on Umbra and once coexisted with them. However, growing conflicts between the two races caused the Periculums to leave Umbra and inhabit a new planet. That small planet is now known as the Periculum Capital.

Planet Umbra has a reputation for extreme weather: ranging from bone-chilling ice storms to rock melting heat.

Periculum Solar Region

The Periculums once had a small enough population that they lived exclusively on the small planet known as the the Periculum Capital. In recent years, the Periculums have outgrown and overpopulated that small planet. In search of new horizons, the Periculums have used their Hubbles to aggressively overtake nearby planets and stars. The celesital bodies they've conquered are now collectively known as the Periculum Solar Region. The Periculums prefer only their own kind in this territory.

The Hubble

Umbrians and Periculums both share the unique ability to emit Hubbles from their bodies. A Hubble is an energized bubble that surrounds the alien. The alien can then use the hubble to fly and conjure energy beams and blasts.

The Hubble can withstand an incredible amount of energy, allowing the alien to leave the planet's atmosphere and travel in space.


While the Hubble offers its user a great amount of protection, it can be shattered in intense combat, which can lead to a dangerous situation if the Hubble fails in space. Therefore, many hubble combatants are required to know "Hubble Recovery" (which is taught at the Hubble Academy) before engaging in battles. When a hubble is shattered, its final energy is emitted. Hubble Recovery requires the alien to focus on the energy released to create a portal to a safe location, rather than space. The technique was developed by the Periculums.

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