Stellar Characters


An aspiring star collector, Starbli is a spunky little dude from Umbra. He loves to be in the center of the action, and is a member of the Stellar Force against the Periculums, the youngest Umbraian since his father achieve such a position

When Starbli isn't hanging out with his mentor and good friend Roxas, he's in outer space playing in a asteroid field - most likely eating Choojoops. While this young alien likes to poke fun and play games, he's also filled with ambition, and is ready to take on the universe head first.

Likes: Shiny Stars, Choojoops, and owning Periculums in hubble battles.
Pet Peeves: Being told what to do, seeing stars corrupted by Periculums.


Roxas is an intelligent and pretty Umbraian, and is also one of Starbli's best friends. She's also his mentor.

A busy girl, she's always calculating something and hoping to discover new possibilities in Umbraian technology.

Roxas definitely has the brains, in addition to being a renowned combatant. Male or female, nobody wants to be Roxas' opponent in hubble combat. Her knowledge of hubbles and combat tactics is remarkable, making her an excellent teacher for Starbli.

Likes: Conjuring proofs in Umbraian mathematics, teaching Starbli, and developing plans.
Pet Peeves: Periculums, hubble battles, and styling her antennas.


A fun loving prankster, Coraz himself insists that he's Starbli's #1 best pal.

This young Umbraian is always looking out for Starbli, and Starbli is always looking out for him. They've been best friends for as long as they can remember, and often get in galactic trouble together.

Though, perhaps, not the brightest Umbraian in the universe, and definitely not stellar in hubble combat, other Umbraians often see a potential for greatness in Coraz that he himself has not discovered yet.

Likes: Making jokes, playing with Starbli, and his own hair.
Dislikes: Roxas acting bossy and telling him what to do.


Data regarding this Periculum isn't plentiful, but decrypted messages suggest that Rosso is a high ranking member of Periculum's Stellar Force and is dangerous in hubble combat. He seeks to strike an opponent's hubble with impressive force to shatter their hubble.

Rosso has led several assaults on the stars of the Umbraian Solar Region, for reasons Umbraians are still trying to determine. For the Umbraian Stellar Force no reason is good enough to serve as justification. Thus, Roxas and Starbli act as Star Protectors against foes like Rosso and the Periculums.

Likes: undefined
Pet Peeves: undefined


Members of Periculum's Stellar Force, often engaged in the corruption of Umbian Solar Region stars.

Likes: undefined
Pet Peeves: undefined