What is Stellar Alien?

Stellar Alien is a game where you help the universe's spunkiest alien named Starbli on his cosmic quests to protect and save shiny stars from galactic baddies in the deep, deep space world of Umbra.


Umbra and the Periculum Solar Region, galaxies located in deep space.

Released by

Xavier Games, a one-man indie game development studio founded by now 16-year-old programmer and entrepreneur, Maximillian Polhill.

Mobile game info

written in pure JavaScript (programming language). Programming, art, animations, music & sound effects by Maximillian Polhill.

Game Download Info

Free download for Google Play, Apple App Store, and Amazon App Store

What makes the game rad?

Creator Profile


Maximillian Polhill


16 years old.


Home-schooled, self-taught programmer


Founder, digital brand creator and mobile game developer

Game Developer Blog

Xavier Games Blog

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